Tips on How to Generate Leads Using Google Adwords

Every business’ main goal is to drive high traffic and generate leads. Doing linkbuilding or SEO can take time and patience before being able to reap the fruits of labor. The best way is to use Google Adwords. Google Adwords is a very powerful strategy for online advertising in order to generate leads fast.

Google Adwords is a simple and convenient Pay-per-Click (PPC) tool that shows your ads on relevant Google search engine result pages (SERP). Every advertiser’s primary goal should be to encourage prospects and customers to buy their product, services, or collect more leads through their website’s sign-up form. To put it simply, Google Adwords is a revolutionised way to drive more traffic to a website. This is a great way to generate leads even on a limited budget.

In fact, this can be an excellent tool for lead generation. It should be expected that the basic fundamentals, the audiences’ mindset are understood as well as understanding the metrics such as the click-through rate (CTR), conversion rate of the landing page and the results of the campaign.

Effectives Tips to Get More Leads from Google Adwords

Tip #1: Choosing relevant keywords

  • Keywords can be a phrase or 1-5 words based on what others might be searching on the search engines to prompt your ads to display on the searches. Make sure that you choose your keywords wisely – they should be relevant to your products or services.
  • You need to choose keywords that have high search volumes.

Picking the appropriate keywords can and will improve performance of a campaign and be able to get more clicks.

Tip #2: Enhancing the landing page

Landing pages are a destination page or the page where you want to send traffic to after a user clicks on an ad. A landing page that is optimised plays a very important role for a higher conversion rate. Make sure that the landing page’s load time is fast and should meet the customer’s expectation. Try to be in the customer’s shoe and look at the website the way any customer would. A well-optimised landing page can bring greater results and worth investing into.

Tip #3: Keeping it simple with the contact form

Keep your contact form simple and friendly to make the customers feel at ease when giving out their contact details. Take out unnecessary fields in the form. Having a lot of fields to put their information can be very intimidating and would prove too much work for the customers – they will not put too much effort on placing more information than they want to provide. In the end, you would lose out on leads.

Tip #4: Freebies

Be creative, people love freebies. In order to get people to sign up for your form, offer them something they cannot refuse. There are many free resources like e-books, a free consultation or webinars that they can look forward to when they sign-up on the form. Attracting customers through creative ways is another key to generate more leads.

Tip #5: Bid management

This is very crucial for the success of the campaign. For keywords that have higher conversion rates, the bid can be increased accordingly. For those keywords that are performing poorly, they can be decreased or paused.

Trip #6: Tracking the Performance of the Campaign

Being able to properly assess the performance of the ad is very important. The Google Analytics can help track the performance of the ad campaigns. This helps in checking if there are any improvements to the landing page.

To know more about Google Adwords and how you can better leverage your advertising campaigns, contact us today. Our Google Adword experts will be able to guide your through your campaigns or better yet, let us experts handle your campaigns and let us help your business grow.

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