Understanding Google AdWords Better

If you ask other business owners on how they manage to get a high stream of traffic and better visibility on search engines, chances are that 50% or more would answer Google AdWords. By definition, Google AdWords is an online marketing service which secures the placement of ads on the side, bottom or top part of search result page. These Google ads are determined by their relevance to the search query or keywords that were used during the search. Due to the popularity of search engines, Google AdWords turned into the company’s main source of revenue since its inception. In 2012 alone, Google accumulated $42.5 billion in exchange of featuring website ads that are separated from organic listings.

Companies who want to use Google AdWords can do so to take advantage of the space provided by the best and most popular search engine to this date: Google. According to the browser statistics provided by W3Schools, Google Chrome enjoys leadership in web browsing, making its search engine the most used around the world. With the security of billions of users, the space for text ads are indeed effective in increasing site traffic.

Companies are given the chance to reach the top ranks through organic listings or secure a spot immediately through pay-per-click (PPC) services, which is the standard setup of Google AdWords. If you choose Google AdWords, then you can get results fast. It offers numerous benefits for advertisers and PPC campaigns are undoubtedly better in improving the ROI (Return on Investment) of the company. According to research, PPC campaigns can provide better and faster results as compared to traditional marketing, like TV, print, radio, direct mail and SMS advertising.

Business owners can enjoy low rates when they first start using Google AdWords. The initial clicks cost as little as 10 cents. The pricing could also vary per keywords because there are other keywords that are cheaper, but more effective in getting traffic. One good thing about the Google AdWords is that you can control the budget daily. For example, it is possible to spend 20 bucks on weekdays and 50 bucks on weekends. The campaign can limit your search engine exposure based on your given budget.

The Google AdWords program is an ideal service to control online marketing and target relevant people. It can help companies track their leads and sales in every advertisement they publish. It can also attract high traffic and improve the ROI of the company.

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